Our Equipment is frequently upgraded and meticulously kept. We are committed to what we do and offer the very best we can. The recent addition of our brand new Dodge Dually truck as our primary towing vehicle offers our Client a safe, reliable means of transport.
We have an Excellent Reputation  and follow exceptional safety standards
We are Commercial Haulers and are fully Licenced and Insured
Being Commercial Haulers and  National Safety Code Carriers, We maintain our equipment according to National Safety Code standards. All work is carried out by licenced Mechanics at the required intervals

Friendly, Professional, nearly 30 years of Safe Driving....

Horse Transport

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Realising the need for safe, reliable horse transportation, we are proud to offer our services. With the horse's comfort and safety in mind, we strive to ensure that at anytime, any horse in our care will have the best we can offer. Horses are never left unattended, are fed, watered and checked upon regularly. We make regular stops and have excellent facilities for overnight layovers. We offer a personal door to door service, and individual attention.
We transport using up to date equipment. In our Brand New 4Star 8-9 Horse Head to Head gooseneck trailer, your horse will travel in the luxury it deserves. Air Ride Equipped, our mission is to supply the most comfortable, cost effective way to get your precious cargo to it's destination. We offer fair, reasonable transport quotes, with that quote guaranteed at the time of booking.
We assure you, once reserving a haul with us, we guarantee we will not let you down last minute due to others cancelling. Our reputation continues to grow through our many happy customers.....the foundation of our business. We are honest, reliable haulers, committed to our client's satisfaction, both Human and Equine.

We offer horse transport, both locally and long distance.

Weekly trips throughout BC and Alberta

Fully Licenced and Insured (NSC Certified)* (See below)

All equipment maintained and serviced at regular intervals as per
NSC* regulations

Video Monitoring

Vehicle equipped with GPS navigation / GPS Tracking and internet / email enroute

Cleaned and sanitized, after each use,with Vet recommended solution,
minimizing the risks of spreading contagious disease

Extremely quiet smooth comfortable ride for your horse

Long haul - excellent boarding facilities arranged enroute

Blankets and shipping boots provided, if needed

Excellent references available

A National Safety Code Carrier adheres to the Regulations
set out by the Ministry of Transportation,
This is detrimental to the safety of your horse should you choose
to transport your horse using a commercial hauler

We are Commercial Carriers and are licenced and insured accordingly.
Our vehicles are maintained regulary by licenced Mechanics
and are subject to commercial vehicle inspection annually,
as required by code. We attend the scales regularly along our route
and do not exceed the total allowable driving times in a 24 hour period.

The Ministry of Transport are the governing body regulating Commercial Transport and we are often checked and inspected enroute and are found to comply with all of the regulations regarding licensing, weight restrictions and the safety of our vehicles.

Provincial regulations vary regarding the completion of manifests to transport  livestock, but most provinces require a manifest to be completed both by the contributor at time of pickup and the transporter.

Commercial Haulers should display their company name on their vehicles, display commercial inspection stickers on both truck and trailer, verifying that these vehicles have passed their annual inspection, required by the Ministry of Transportation. This is your guarantee that your transporter is fully licenced and insured for commercial transport
They should also have onboard, a current log book and pre-trip inspection report.

This is very important for the safe carriage of your animals. The commercial plate means that your hauler is fully licenced and  insured for commercial hauling and that they follow the National Safety Code, attend the scales, maintain their vehicles on schedule, their vehicles are inspected regularly at the required service intervals and have been passed as "safe" during their annual inspection

We offer Professional transportation coast to coast, throughout Canada and the USA. We offer full border crossing to the USA, and work diligently, together with other Professional Horse Transport Companies within Canada and the USA

We are animal lovers, dedicated to our Clients, both human and equine as well as other, smaller animals. We are fully equipped to transport most animals. Our new custom 4Star 8-9 Horse Head to Head Trailer can be configured to meet your needs, from Warmbloods to Minatures, Drafts or Mares and Foals.

Our company is not about us, but about our clients and their animals. We aim to provide exceptional service, reasonable rates and above all, the best care for your best friend enroute

If your required destination is not listed here, please contact us and  we will be happy to co-ordinate and connect with other, reputable Commercial Horse Transporters to get your Equine and small animals to their destination in the most safe, reliable cost effective manner

Please visit our references page to read and connect with our many happy clients who have used our services over the years

Please be assured, once booking with us, we are dedicated to providing safe, reliable transport for your animals.
We strive to keep as close to our schedule as possible and in the very unlikely event that we have to cancel a trip, we will  make alternative arrangements with another Professional transportation company, for your horse. We promise to cover any additional expenses for transportation, in this unlikely event.

New for 2013  - Our  Brand New Dodge Dually with Max Towing, offering the utmost in Reliability. Fully equipped, with GPS Satellite Tracking, ensures we have contact whatever our location. No matter where we travel, we will have contact to all Emergency Services 100% of the time.
Coupled with our 2011 4Star Custom 8-9 horse head to head Trailer, 7ft 9" high and 8ft 5" wide, Air Ride Equipped, our trailer offers a luxurious ride for your equine. 
Accomodates Warmbloods, Stallions, Drafts, Miniatures, Mares and Foals, our trailer can be configured to meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

Protected by
We travel to places where wildlife on the road pose a very real threat. To protect ourselves, our cargo and equipment, we choose Herd. A small amount to pay for safety and peace of mind.